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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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About Us

We‘re more than videographers

We‘re more than just videographers, we engage with our projects by providing a collaborative and creative approach from the earliest brief to the final edit.  

Small and bespoke so you always know who you’re dealing with, Loaded productions is an all-inclusive service brought to you by Angus and Dom. They have over thirty years’ experience working with patients and health professionals and take great pride in what they do.

By constantly updating equipment, keeping ahead of the curve and remaining focussed on collaboration and communication with all their clients, they have remained passionate about the work they do.

Angus Hubbard


Angus originally trained and worked as an actor and director. At the age of 30 he began working in broadcast TV, before starting Loaded Productions in 2005. Since then he has personally filmed and edited over 1500 films for his clients.

Dominic Hecht


With a background as an actor in TV, film, radio and theatre, Dom moved into production as a freelance AD and gravitated towards the producer role. Alongside Angus, he works with clients from initial collaboration through to the production and post production phases of a project. As an experienced interviewer, Dom will often be present in production and as an AD he is confident working with actors when they are involved in projects. Always keeping quality, creativity and narrative at the forefront, he is committed to ensuring projects meet the brief and, ultimately, reach and engage the target audience.

Our Process

We always enjoy hearing about new projects, and would encourage clients to get in touch early so we can learn more about things before suggesting an approach to the production and offering a quote for your consideration.

We are used to working with Infection control teams, communications teams, patient experience and carer groups and others to ensure that we involve people throughout the process and deliver a product that fulfils the brief.

Currently we film using Sony FX9’s and edit in Adobe premiere CC. We use greenscreen,  backdrops, hard and soft lights, gimbals, field monitors, sliders, dollies and lots more. Again, we’ll be able to help you understand which of these might be of use to you and your project.

How we work

Pre Production

A good film comes from good planning. The initial client meetings are so important  to understand the brief, the intended audience and the wider context. We then suggest an approach to filming.

Some films may need scripting, storyboarding, casting and contracting actors.  Others may simply need advice on locations, scheduling and interviewing participants.


Currently we film using Sony FX9 cameras alongside a set of Sony G-Master prime and zoom lenses. We use Kino Flo & Aperture lighting,  greenscreen and colorama backdrops,  lavalier and boom microphones, field monitors, gimbals, dollies, sliders and lots more. We’ll be able to help you understand which of these might be of use to you and your project.

Production may also include professionally recorded voiceover in our dedicated soundproofed in house booth.

Post Production

Post-production is where we bring all the elements together to make a cohesive film, layering interview with b-roll, alongside music, GFX,  animation and voiceover.

We work to produce an initial preview for the client, and then work through a series of reviews and feedback sessions until the client is happy with the final film.

Some of our clients